b. 1986, HK.

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Bel hails from the suburbs of Sydney, but had always felt a calling towards connection to the earth. After studying Development at uni and travelling and studying in South America, Bel became more acutely aware of the problems surrounding food security and environmental resource management. Meanwhile, a spontaneous decision to undertake a course in Organic Agriculture on the coast of Ecuador, found her feeling empowered and inspired to get her hands dirty and find practical and tangible solutions to these problems she could see in the world.

Upon returning to Australia, after numerous adventures and working in different industries, she packed up her bags and headed off to intern at Transition Farm, a CSA farm on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. She was hired to stay, and worked a full growing season with the farmers there - learning the ins and outs of growing a wide range of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

She went on to work at RadGrowers in Albury during its first growing year, and was able to learn more about starting a business and establishing a farm from the ground up.

She now calls the Bega Valley home, and feels grateful and excited to provide fresh, seasonal and delicious food to her community.